Constitution Day panel to mark anniversary of signing

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Political science professor lists racial inequality as a current constitutional issue.

By Raven Arriaga

A panel consisting of faculty from political science, public administration and criminal justice will discuss the U.S. Constitution Sept. 19 in observation of Constitution Day.

Constitution Day, which celebrates the Founding Fathers signing the document in 1787, is on Sept.16.

The panel organized by political science Professor Asslan Khaligh will be 10 a.m.-noon in Room 218 of the nursing complex.

If students know more about government then they can protect their rights better, he said Tuesday.

He has organized and hosted a panel for Constitution Day for this college for the past 10 years.

Along with Khaligh, the panel will consist of public administration Professor Sylvia Deleon, criminal justice Professor Marshall Lloyd and criminal justice Professor Dexter Gilford.

The panel will discuss constitutional issues and what the Constitution is all about, he said.

“Lots of Americans talk about the Constitution but they have neither read it or know that much about it, so we try to give some insight to our students,” he said.

He said current constitutional issues are racial inequality and the rights of women.

Having knowledge about the Constitution can be helpful to students because they will know the government better and they will see if the Constitution still protects them, he said.

“The more we know about our government the better it gets because we could question our government, we could look at the results of some of the policies that they have, and see if the Constitution is good enough today,” he said.

For information, call Khaligh at 210-486-1009.


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