Committee to award $33,479 to organizations

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Deadline for October applications is Thursday.

By Brianna Rodrigue

Any clubs and organizations interested in traveling to a conference or hosting an event can apply to receive funding from the Student Activity Fee Committee by completing an application.

The committee meets the first Thursday of each month. The application must be emailed to Mark Bigelow, interim director of student life, one week before the meeting.

The next meeting will be on Oct. 6, and the deadline for applications is midnight Thursday.

Information about the student activity fee funding can be found on Orgsync as well with the application to sign up under the “forms” file.

Orgsync can be found by clicking the student tab in ACES.

The portion of the fee available for the committee to disburse is $57,000, of which $5,000 belongs to the student benchmark.

Benchmark funding is given to clubs to help supplement them, but they have to meet 11 requirements to receive the funding from the student benchmark, Bigelow said.

Psychology sophomore Harley Williams, president of Student Government Association, said the 10 clubs that met the benchmark for the semester will be awarded $250 each.

A club that was awarded the semester before can reapply for next semester, she said.

Of the $52,000 left to award for 2016-17, $9,000 was awarded at the May meeting to clubs with activities this fall.

“If they waited till September for the meeting, they wouldn’t be able to attend their trips because it would have been too late,” Bigelow said.

Of the $43,000 left for the committee to award this fall, $9,521 was awarded at the Sept. 1 meeting to three organizations.

A total of $33,479 is left for the committee to award for the rest of the academic year.

For several years, the committee and administration have discussed doubling the fee to $2 per semester hour.

The Student District Council, which has representatives of student government at each of the five Alamo Colleges, must come to an agreement, Williams said.

If the Student District Council approves it, the college administration could propose the idea to the board of trustees.

For students interested in joining the Student Activity Fee Committee next semester, Williams said students must approach the next SGA president.

To be a candidate, she said students must show commitment and be approved by the college president, she said. This fall the five student committee representatives are all SGA members.

Faculty interested in being a part of the committee can contact Bigelow.

Meetings are open to anyone.

For more information, log on to Orgsync or contact Bigelow at 210-486-0134.


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