Lockers can’t be used for overnight storage

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Unauthorized use of the locker room cause a change in policy

By Sasha D Robinson

Students will no longer be allowed to keep possessions overnight in lockers in Candler Physical Education Center.

The policy was changed for students because of excessive use, and homeless people have used the lockers, kinesiology Program Coordinator Brad Dudney, said Sept. 16.

The locker change does not apply to the faculty and staff locker room.

Faculty and staff who work in the building have found evidence that homeless people have used lockers, showered and slept in the facilities.

Evidence of drug use also has been found, he said.

“When we opened the lockers, we have found some homeless people’s belongings,” Dudney said.

The program decided to discontinue allowing anyone to store items in lockers overnight to prevent people from the outside coming into the facilities, he said.

Also, students use the lockers only during class time, he said.

Kinesiology freshman Patrick Elizondo, president of the K Club, said students can still use the lockers during classes but do not use them for extended storage.

“We (kinesiology department) are not responsible because we do not have security watching, cameras in the locker rooms,” Elizondo said.

“To prevent any problems, any items being taken, and to prevent the homeless people from coming in like that, I believe they are cleaning up,” he continued.

Items belonging to homeless people were found in the lockers Sept. 15, Deputy Chief Joe Pabon of the district department of public safety said Sept. 19.

He said there are no safety concerns for students, and changing the locker policy is precautionary to keep the campus safe.

If students want items they have left in lockers, they can contact Linda Casas, Candler facility manager, 210-486-1018 or Michelle Alejos, kinesiology department administrative services specialist, at 210-486-1010.


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