Dance Club celebrates ‘World Ballet Day Live’ 2016

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 Alexandra Nelipa

Alexandra Nelipa

Five of the world’s leading ballet companies unite all over the world for a live broadcast from Melbourne to San Francisco.

By Miranda A. Holden

Dance classes at this college will watch a 23-hour YouTube live-streaming day of the third annual World Ballet Day Tuesday.

The live stream will begin tonight as the Australian Ballet kicks off the event in Melbourne.

Spreading across each time zone, the Bolshoi Ballet joins the show, followed by the National Ballet of Canada and wrapping up with performances by the San Francisco Ballet.

Viewers can get a glimpse at each company during class, rehearsal, backstage preparation and behind-the-scenes footage of performances.

“It’s really fun to watch and interesting to see a perspective on what a dancer’s day is like,” dance Coordinator George Ann Simpson said Sept. 22.

Simpson plans to have the live stream available for students to watch Tuesday as she conducts classes.

“World Ballet Day Live” was inspired by “Royal Ballet Live” in 2012, a nine-hour live stream via YouTube.

Last year, the celebration drew 349,000 views and later gained more than 2 million views worldwide.

“Dance is very underestimated,” dance sophomore Arcelia Jaramillo said Sept. 20.

She explained the importance of watching so people can see that dance is not just pretty movements, it’s strong and powerful.

Beside taking DANC 1141, Ballet 1, Jaramillo is also a member of the Dance Club for her third semester.

The club meets at 3:15 p.m. every first and third Thursday in Room 146 of Candler Physical Educational Center.

Beside practicing for upcoming events such as SACtacular, the club brainstorms on fundraisers.

This semester, she looks forward to learning from others in the club.

Every dancer and choreographer is different.

“I can get their ideas and make them my own,” she said.

Everything she learns in dance class she takes along with her and shares with her peers at the University of the Incarnate Word as a dance coach.

It took awhile to become a dance coach, she said. She has been coaching since February.

“My ultimate dream is to have an impact on others,” she said, hoping they can say, “because of you, I’m here now.”

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