Get to know the outdoors with the Hammock Club

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SACtacular event held on campus September 28, 2016. Student organizations on full display, lowriders, hammocks etc. Photo by Brandon A. Edwards

Relax: EMT sophomore Melanie Godwin checks notifications while lounging in a hammock during the Antojitos festival Sept. 28 in the mall. The hammocks provided by this college’s Hammock Club are available during normal school hours. Photo by Brandon A. Edwards

Members enjoy nature and hang out; club will offer yoga on Thursday.

By Ryann Palacios

Students have probably noticed hammocks hung between the trees in the mall as they are walking through campus. Thanks to a $600 donation from this college, the Hammock Club has been able to provide public hammocks for students to enjoy.

The Hammock Club was founded three semesters ago. Club president Rafael Mancilla says the original idea was to get enough hammocks for everyone to use.

“We didn’t see enough people spending their time outside,” Mancilla said. “A lot of the outdoor areas on campus are really calming and quiet, but you never see people hanging out in them. We felt that we could change that with the hammocks.”

He described hammocks as “a great multipurpose piece of gear” and noted that they don’t have to be installed between trees.

“I’ve set mine up between big boulders when I go climbing,” he said. “As long as you have the proper straps and/or additional gear needed, you can set them up almost anywhere.”

“Around campus the idea is for students to sit in the hammocks and talk to friends, relax or take a nap between studying. Definitely studying, reading a book or listening to music is ideal,” Mancilla said.

However, the club couldn’t get the hammocks all on their own. Last semester Mancilla petitioned the school to provide some hammocks. The club would need just over $600 to purchase some from REI.

“We had made about $300 through fundraising that we were willing to put toward the purchase,” Mancilla said. “Plus, we also had $250 awarded to us from reaching organization benchmarks.”

He referred to 11 tasks that students organizations must complete to receive $250 from the student activity fee committee. The benchmarks include sending club officers to a risk management workshop, updating club financials in Orgsync and participating in at least four events, including one fundraiser and one community service activity.

“The committee ended up giving us all of it,” Mancilla said. “They told us to keep the fundraising money and put it towards club activities.”

The club would like to use the money for a hiking trip or another camping trip, Mancilla said. At the end of last semester, Mancilla along with a few group members, went on a camping trip in Big Bend National Park.

Mancilla says aside from being a club that likes to hang out, the Hammock Club is a student wellness club.

“We want to introduce students to the outdoors and help them network,” Mancilla said. “We also provide great opportunity for volunteer and community service.”

The Hammock Club has participated in many community service events. They helped re-mulch a nearby playground during the San Pedro Park Clean up. They have taken part in the Basura Bash, an annual river cleanup event. And they have helped restore a trail at Cibolo Creek.

Getting involved is just one of the many ways the Hammock Club likes people to connect and be active.

“I’m all about providing outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy,” Mancilla said. “If any member decides that they want to organize something, we can always help them.”

Mancilla says one of the Hammock Club members is a yoga instructor and they will be providing an opportunity for students to do yoga on campus. Yoga will start at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 6 outside Candler Physical Education Center. The club will provide a limited amount of mats and plans to offer yoga on a regular basis.

“We aren’t just about hammocks, we are about living a healthy lifestyle and being outdoors,” Mancilla said.

For more information, call him at 210-400-5389 or visit the club’s page at


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