Let’s see documents already

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Judge rules in favor of publicizing Follins documents.

Craig Follins, former Northeast Lakeview president, has filed an appeal in response to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s motion for summary judgment.

Follins has time and time again stalled in an attempt to prevent the documents regarding his termination from being made public.

Chancellor Bruce Leslie removed Follins from his position as president of NLC Oct. 29 for unacceptable behavior, including allegations of negative treatment of faculty and staff.

In Paxton’s motion for summary judgment, he writes Follins has failed to demonstrate the information at issue should be kept private.

The judge in the case has recently ruled in favor of Paxton’s motion.

Earlier this year, Follins responded to media by using his family as a reason to justify his actions in keeping the documents private.

He said information in the documents is embarrassing and his reputation as a competent college administrator would be severely and negatively impacted.

Sorry, Follins, but keeping the documents from the public isn’t helping your reputation either. If anything, it’s making it worse.

If you were so worried about your reputation, maybe you shouldn’t have done something that would negatively affect it in the first place; you might still have a job here.

Paxton rebuts Follins’ claims by writing, “Any minimal privacy interest Follins might claim in the information is outweighed by the public’s interest in the information.”

The public has a right to know, especially since they, as taxpayers, continued to pay his salary for almost 10 months after he was removed from his position.

Good for Paxton for trying to hurry the process along; good for the judge for moving forward with the case and stopping Follins from stalling longer.

Follins’ attorney said he doesn’t know if Follins is going to appeal the judge’s ruling. If he is smart, he won’t.

He’s just delaying the inevitable and making his situation worse.


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