Sidewalk event encourages free speech

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 Alexandra Nelipa

Alexandra Nelipa

Journalism program’s Chalk Day invites students to express themselves.

By J. Del Valle

This college’s journalism program will celebrate National Newspaper Week by urging the campus to write, scribble, draw and let the chalk glide across the pavement to support the First Amendment.

Chalk Day is 9:30-11:30 a.m. today in the mall between Loftin Student Center and the chemistry and geology building.

The event, which allows participants to express themselves by coloring the walkway with art and words, honors freedom of speech in this country.

Freedom of speech and press are valuable for journalists and all citizens across the nation because they are the basis for democracy.

National Newspaper Week, which will run Sunday through Saturday, promotes the newspaper industry and celebrates its role in preserving the First Amendment and the open exchange of ideas between readers and newspapers.

All members of the community are encouraged to join Chalk Day to write expressions that give life and colorful meaning to words, and create contemporary art on the empty brick pavement in the mall.

Participants can share their thoughts, favorite quotes, art and lyrics with the rest of the campus.

The event began as a protest after a student left a bucket of chalk with his friends while he went to class.

They drew on the brick walkway until an administrator walking by told them to stop and questioned who would clean it up. The Ranger, in support of the students, maintained it would blow or wash away on its own.

Soon thereafter, The Ranger begin offering the annual free event.

The staff of The Ranger requests individuals use good judgment and avoid profanity. Chalk will be provided.

“Without free press, it is very hard to maintain democracy,” journalism Instructor Irene Abrego said.


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