Pizza with the President set for Wednesday

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Update: The meeting has been rescheduled to Oct. 13

SGA expects the event to be a two-way street

Illustration by Estefania B. Alonso

By Brianna Rodrigue

Students have an opportunity to sit down with President Robert Vela and eat free Cici’s pizza 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesday in the craft room of Loftin Student Center.

The Student Government Association will oversee the Pizza with the President event so students can have the opportunity to meet Vela and ask him questions one on one, psychology sophomore Harley Williams, president of SGA, said Friday.

Pizza with the President gives students the opportunity to ask questions that affect students such as parking or the proposed tuition change.

The meeting is open to anyone, but Williams asks students to be respectful to Vela and the administrative team who attend to help answer questions.

She said it is important for students to attend to get firsthand knowledge from the college president.

“This is the chance for students to get the answers right then and there,” she said.

The president learns from the students while the students learn from the president Williams said.

“I think it is a really good experience for students so they can voice their concerns directly,” art sophomore Federico Gonzalez-Vidal, secretary of SGA, said.

Accounting sophomore Jenna Keeton, commissioner of public relations for SGA, said that Vela is an outgoing person who will talk to anybody. She said she didn’t get to meet or talk to the president at the university she attended previously because the president didn’t make time for students.

“As a person who went to a university first and then a two-year institution, at a university you never even dream of meeting the president,” Keeton said.

For more information about the meeting, students can stop by the SGA office 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Thursday in Room 260B in Loftin or follow the Facebook page at

Students can contact SGA at 210-486-0133.


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