Speech program offers workshops on public speaking

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All students are welcome to attend.

By Emily Garcia


The fine arts department is offering speech workshops throughout the semester to students taking speech classes, but all students are welcome.

The workshops are for speech students to see other faculty in the program and to get different perspectives on information students should be learning in class, speech communication Coordinator Ashley Click said Sept. 27.

Aspects of speech communication that will be covered at the workshops include effective listening to speeches Oct. 18 and technology etiquette during speeches Nov. 2.

Speech Instructor Jolinda Ramsey created the workshops, and this is the 10th year workshops have been offered to students.

Students will be able to see demonstrations of various teaching styles, and it will be interesting for students to learn communication from someone who is not their usual instructor, Click said.

The workshops will include guest speakers Josh Donat, public information officer at the Texas Department of Transportation, Nov. 2, and Dan Kubinski, real estate broker and owner of Crown Eagle Reality, Nov. 15.

Speech Instructor Susan Cunningham knows Donat and chose him to be a guest speaker.

“I chose him because I wanted someone with real world experience in communication to share his expertise with students,” Cunningham said.

Speech Adjunct Esther Pais chose Kubinski because she wants students to see and hear from someone who wants to share their experiences and talents explain various aspects of speech communication, Pais said.

“I think it’s important for students to hear from successful people within our community who can help teach students, motivate and inspire them as well,” Pais said.

The workshops will be 3-4 p.m. in Room 203 of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

For information on the workshops or speech communication program, contact Click at 210-486-0481 or aclick3@alamo.edu.


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