Letter: Be thankful you can protest

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I appreciate the way that the writer included different types of opinions from people across campus in “Faculty, students weigh in on athletes kneeling during national anthem” Oct. 6.

To see such a controversial topic being discussed in so many different ways, both positive and negative in an article, was refreshing to say the least.

I agree with kinesiology program Coordinator Brad Dudney, in that while I may not exactly agree with the reason for the protest, I am grateful to live in a country where we are able to freely express ourselves, and to stand up for what we believe in.

Whether or not you agree with a specific movement, we should be thankful that we live somewhere where we are allowed to stand for a cause that matters to us.

Colin Kaepernick began the nationwide epidemic of kneeling during the national anthem to stand up for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and many others have since begun to join him in the move.

This was an important topic to shed light on, as it is spreading so rapidly that many will take the time to form opinions on the movement without understanding it completely.


Isabella Ramirez

Radio and Television Broadcasting Sophomore

San Antonio College


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