Tech Store invites faculty to Appy Hour Oct. 27

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Store will provide new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom.

By William A. Peters

Swivl, a device and free app that a teacher can attach to an iPhone or iPad and capture videos of their class lecture could allow faculty to reflect on how they conduct their lessons.

Videolicious, another free app, allows students to create one-minute video presentations to break out of the monotony of an ordinary slideshow presentation.

Both apps will be the stars of an “Appy Hour” workshop 4-5 p.m. Thursday in the media room of the Tech Store. Education Coordinator Peggy Weesner and speech communication Instructor Ester Pais will teach faculty how to use Swivl and Videolicious.

Weesner said the Swivl is easy to use.

“It is voice activated, and there is a monitor which will move to the left and the right as you are speaking. … It is not a distraction as a tripod. It gives a teacher the movement.”

This robot and app would be an asset to teachers because it allows for self-evaluation.

“The teacher has been able from the little swivl to realize when she has lost the students because she can also see what the classroom is doing and what concept she threw out that they were totally lost,” Weesner said.

Another tool teachers can use to help integrate technology into the classroom is Videolicious.

Pais has trouble thinking of a department that couldn’t benefit from Videolicious in some capacity.

“English, journalism, science, I started thinking of all the different presentations that students have to do in classes. That’s one way that gives students the opportunity to tell me what you know, show me what you know.

“What would it be like if the student had the opportunity to do that and do something really tangible in a way they can actually go out take videos on their phone, take pictures of something and be able to put it together in one awesome presentation on their phone.”

Pais has used Videolicious successfully in the classroom by assigning students to create and present one-minute videos.

“It was really easy to teach. … You know you have a winner when the students aren’t hitting you up (with how to use the app).”

Appy Hour is hosted by the Teaching with Technology Committee and sponsored by the office of technology services.

Faculty interested in learning more can register at


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