Student 101: Balancing kids and school

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Experts offer tips for busy parents.

By J. Del Valle

Being a parent and student can be a hectic task to balance at times; parents who are taking classes and raising children are aiming to have a better future for their family.

Education sophomore Delgadina Cervantes is a mother of four. Her oldest is 10, and her youngest is 4.

She advises parents who are students for the first time to “plan out a schedule and add 30 minutes on top of what you are doing for school or at home.”

“Once you’re done with your task, you have that extra time to either start on another assignment or take care of something else,” she said.

Staying ahead is key to having balance with school and home; along with time management, staying ahead turns into late-night studying sessions, and early mornings getting the kids ready for school can be tiring.

“Keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary,” Cervantes said. “The extra work you put in now will pay off in the future.”

Parents face obstacles every day when it comes to child care. Some might not have the support or financial stability to pay for their child to stay at a day care while they are going to school, but this college offers an early childhood center for children of students enrolled at this college.

It is open to children ages 12 months to 4 years old. The center is located at 210 W. Ashby Place.

Center director Claudia Gonzalez interacts with parents and children on a daily basis. She has noticed certain traits among parents who are successful at balancing school and raising children.

“They plan out their schedules ahead, they take in consideration their family and school life so they don’t overwhelm themselves, and they do have a lot of family support, which is very important,” Gonzalez said.

Cervantes agreed, “Without the support of my family, mainly my kids understanding that sometimes I don’t have the time and that I’m dedicating to better myself for them, I wouldn’t be able to manage at all.”

For parents taking classes for the first time, Gonzalez advises that “you find out what resources are available to you; ask around what are the resources at the colleges.”

Gonzalez said, “It’s great to know what the college offers or programs that are available to the student.”

For more information, call the center at 210-486-0530.


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