Fashion show debuts 12 designs by a freshman

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General science freshman Viktoria Martinez samples some of her designs from the Emerald City Fashion Show Tuesday in the Fiesta Room of Loftin. Photo by Kyle R. Cotton

General science freshman Viktoria Martinez samples some of her designs from the Emerald City Fashion Show Tuesday in the Fiesta Room of Loftin. Photo by Kyle R. Cotton

Victoria Martinez relieves stress by creating a wardrobe on her sewing machine.

By Estefania Flores

General science freshman Victoria Martinez designed 12 clothing items inspired by “The Wizard of Oz” for The Emerald City Fashion Show Nov. 16.

All designers who volunteered in this event were allowed to design a minimum of two clothing items.

She is one of the three students who designed at least three items for the annual show.

The 12 pieces were designed to fit Martinez’s body measurements.

Her designs consisted of evening and day dresses, coats and two-piece outfits.

Because this is her first effort at designing, she chose to not sell her clothing after the event.

But she now wants to become a fashion designer.

“My closet is like a museum in my eyes. All clothing items are a recollection of what I’ve designed this year,” Martinez said. “I’m very proud of my designs and plan to not sell anything yet.”

Martinez lent the designs to at least five models and modeled two outfits herself.

Martinez opened up her collection by modeling a two-piece tracksuit, holding a camera phone, mimicking a “selfie” being taken.

“It was very exciting to watch students model my clothing,” Martinez said. “It’s very satisfying to watch models wear your designs and strut the runway.”

This show was an event where students could participate as designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, models or photographers.

Carrie Hernandez, senior student success specialist in the office of student life, directed the show.

“It was very exciting to watch students be engaged in this event,” Hernandez said.

Business administration sophomore Nicholas George Delunay is the choreographer of the Emerald City Fashion Show.

“Victoria is the only student who has designed this many outfits for a fashion show event. It’s pretty amazing,” he said.

Martinez found a passion for clothing at the age of 8, and has been designing clothes ever since.

“I began sewing pieces together by hand and making clothes for my dolls as a child,” she said. “My grandmother taught me everything I know. It’s her who I owe this to.”

“I have big dreams of shining a light on my clothing line and branching it off to a business eventually,” Martinez said. “I have very high hopes that this event will do just that.”

Martinez’ clothing line is named Chalé by Victoria Martinez, using her middle name.

Being a fashion designer on a student budget is difficult. Fabrics are expensive and require a lot of time to design into wearable item, she said.

Once she graduates with a bachelor’s degree, Martinez eventually plans to produce a clothing brand.

Martinez envisions a design, cuts a pattern and sews fabric using a sewing machine and hand-stitching to make the ideas come to life.

“I’m inspired by pieces that have already been designed. That way I am aware that they are worthy of making sales, but I just add my own twist on them,” Martinez said.

Martinez finds designing, cutting and sewing fabric a form of stress relief.

“Not only does the entire process fascinate me and take my mind off stress, but the outcome is what I truly enjoy the most,” Martinez said. “Being able to walk in public, wearing outfits designed by me, allows me to express myself in a way I truly desire.”


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