Board needs new priorities

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Don’t worry, it’ll all work out — eventually.

There’s mold in the walls of the culinary arts building of St. Philip’s College.

The building’s falling apart. There are ceiling tiles falling in the food.

Ceiling. In the food.

You need not worry about St. Philip’s, though.

The board plans to start construction on a new culinary arts building in just five short years. That is, if the public votes to let the Alamo Colleges sell $450 million in bonds this May.

Surely, voters will have no trouble giving $450 million to colleges whose accreditations are still in question.

There will be no decision about the accreditation status of this, St. Philip’s and Northwest Vista colleges from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges until after a May election.

The board of trustees wants you to vote to give them money before you can be certain the three colleges in question will be accredited.

Don’t worry. You can totally trust them.

The board has been meeting since last summer to decide where to spend this imaginary money.

Meanwhile, the board has earmarked $60 million in revenue funds to build a new district support office at 2222 N. Alamo St.

That’s money aside from the bond they could use to improve buildings on their campuses.

Rather than looking at the current situation, the board assumes not only that the bond issue will be approved, but also that the accreditation situation will be resolved by that time.

If you’re willing to put your trust in the district’s ability to follow through on those issues, you might also be willing to wait months or years to see results.

Meanwhile, district support personnel will be hanging out in the amphitheater of their new palace.

The rest of us more skeptical folk can’t say we approve of the board putting the cart before the horse like this.

Focus on getting accreditation and use the money you have to replace or repair dilapidated buildings first, then think about your fancy offices.


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