Letter: Students abuse handicap parking

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have been noticing something rather bothersome.

Students without handicap placards or plates parking in clearly marked handicap spots in student parking lots.

Last week, I saw two bike patrol officers taking care of one example of this in the student parking lot adjacent to Nail Technical Center, but just today the two handicap spots were occupied by cars without handicap plates or placards.

Are students not aware this is against the law, or that they face a $200 to $500 fine for doing this?

Not to mention that they are forcing people who need the closer spaces to park farther away?

David Nazzaro

Information technology freshman

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  1. Willie P. Griffin on

    Dear editor:
    In response to Mr. David Nazzaro’s Letter: Students abuse handicap parking
    By The Ranger on February 6, 2017
    I also think its bothersome, because I am a disabled veteran. I fractured my foot some years ago it and it never healed properly. I have three discs in my spine that cause me to have back spasms. I have osteoarthritis in my right shoulder, and both of my shoulders dislocate at any given time. I also have sclerosis in my right hip. So even if I do leave home early to get to class, I still end up late anyway. I don’t walk too fast anywhere. If it’s 90 degrees outside by the time I get to class I’m hot, sweaty, tired, my body hurts, and I’m not in the mood for anything.
    In addition to being against the law, and being fined, no one wants to watch their vehicle being towed away, because you can’t get your vehicle back until you can pay a tow fee. $$$
    Willie P. Griffin
    Sophomore: Radio/ Television/Broadcasting

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