NLC accreditation site visit Tuesday-Thursday

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Correction: Information attributed to Tammy Perez, coordinator of academic success and student success services for this college at Northeast Lakeview College, indicating St. Philip’s and Palo Alto colleges offer courses at Northeast Lakeview is incorrect. Employees will not be debriefed on the accreditation site visit Feb. 6-9. Instead, the college administration will be debriefed on the accreditation site visit Feb. 9. Perez did not say students need to meet the enrollment residency requirements or that it could take six months after accreditation for students to access federal financial aid at Northeast Lakeview College.

Zachary-Taylor Wright

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges will visit Northeast Lakeview College by for an initial accreditation site visit today through Wednesday.

Tangila Dove, vice president of college services and SACSCOC liaison at Northeast Lakeview, said SACSCOC will visit the college Feb. 6.

Tammy Perez, coordinator of academic success and student success services for this college at Northeast Lakeview, said the accrediting agency will be in San Antonio Feb. 6-9 and at Northeast Lakeview Feb. 6-8.

Perez said Feb. 6-9 will be allocated to debriefing Northeast Lakeview employees about the SACSCOC site visit and next steps in the accreditation process.

erez said Feb. 9 will be allocated to debriefing Northeast Lakeview employees about the SACSCOC site visit.

Northeast Lakeview began seeking accreditation in 2005 after declaring itself an independent campus, receiving a visit from SACSCOC in 2015 under the presidency of Dr. Craig Follins — the former Northeast Lakeview College president terminated in October 2015 for his absence during the agency’s visit and abusive treatment of colleagues.

Dove said the college applied for candidacy status in 2015 and the college was awarded candidacy status in June after their “first site visit” in February 2016; Dove said the college submitted its application for initial accreditation in December.

Dove said the college will align its policy and procedures with the recommendations made by SACSCOC to the three colleges placed on an accreditation “warning” list in December, explaining that all colleges in the Alamo Community College District must align with the district and “do the same thing.”

SACSCOC found this college and Northwest Vista and St. Philip’s colleges in violation of six Comprehensive Standards, including the branding of the district as “Alamo Colleges,” the transfer of intra-district and out-of-district credits, the lack of a true institutional grade-point average and district policies.

Perez said Northeast Lakeview College offers credits transferable to all four-year universities by providing courses from this college and St. Philip’s College.

Perez said her duty is to ensure all the courses this college offers at Northeast Lakeview align with the policy, procedures and accreditation standards enforced at this college.

Perez said courses only offered by Northeast Lakeview, and not provided by an accredited college in the district, must have an articulation agreement with a university to ensure the four-year institution will accept the transfer of credits from a non-accredited college.

Perez said Northeast Lakeview cannot offer federal Veteran Affairs benefits or federal financial aid without accreditation or candidacy status; for a student near Northeast Lakeview College to receive federal financial aid or veterans benefits, the student needs to meet the enrollment residency requirements at a different college and file for financial aid or veterans benefits there.

Perez said it could take up to six months to have Northeast Lakeview College approved to provide veterans benefits and federal financial aid if the college receives initial accreditation at SACSCOC’s June meeting.

To ensure “no harm is done” to students, Perez believes courses from this college will be offered at Northeast Lakeview through fall 2017 and possibly spring 2018.

When asked if sharing courses between accredited intra-district colleges might present an autonomy concern with SACSCOC, Perez said the colleges will work with the agency to ensure the college transitions into accreditation smoothly.

Perez said Northeast Lakeview College can offer courses from this college and Palo Alto College after receiving initial accreditation status if the college submits a substantive change report to SACSCOC.


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  1. While I always appreciate the efforts of the Ranger reporters to report on topics important to our college communities, this article contains quite a few mistakes and some outright false statements. I’ve emailed the author hoping they are able to print a correction of at least the most egregious errors. Usually, I have the reporter paraphrase back to me what they heard so that I know we understand each other and the information going out is correct, particularly on topics that are as complicated as accreditation. I didn’t do that this time and that is my fault. However, we do need to make sure that correct information is printed on the public website so I hope that a correction is forthcoming.

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