Student Activity Fee survey

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The survey was extended to today.

By Rachel Cooper

Balloting on survey to measure student interest in doubling the student activity fee ends at 5 p.m. today.

The survey is available on OrgSync on the Student District Council’s page.

In the Feb. 24 Student District Council meeting, the fee survey was extended to 5 p.m. March 3. The original survey deadline was Feb. 24.

The current student activity fee is $1 per credit hour a student is enrolled for. A student enrolled in 12 hours pays $12 in the fund.

The funds support club activities, sports teams and student life, which uses some of the funds for personnel.

A proposal is to increase the fee to $2 per credit hour or make it a $15 flat rate across all campuses.

Under this proposal, a student enrolled in 12 hours would pay either $24 or $15.

A student enrolled in six hours would pay either $12 or $15. A student enrolled in three hours would pay $6 or $15.

Richard Wells, president of the Student District Council and Northeast Lakeview’s Student Government Association, said they will gather information from the survey this weekend and results will be available by March 7.


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