Taco run a success

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Student success adviser Marisa Martinez takes a photo of students of this college Feb. 25 at the El Taco 5K run-walk at the VFW Post 76 next to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Sixteen students from this college participated in the El Taco 5K run-walk along with many San Antonio citizens and visitors from other states. This was the first year for the El Taco 5K run-walk hosted by Andiamo Race Productions. Photo by Brianna Rodrigue

SAC student comes in third place

By Grace Reyes


Finishing in only 21 minutes and four seconds, liberal arts major sophomore, Martin Patino, came in third place at the El Taco 5K Run that took place on Feb. 25.

“It felt great, it was my first time running a 5K,” Patino said.

Patino didn’t come to this race unprepared, he knew about it in advance so he did immersive training to prepare for this.

“I trained five weeks before this started,” Patino said. “I did five to six miles each day, two to three days of abdominal work outs, sprints and anything to keep hydrated and to keep running again.”

Adrianna Gomez co-founder of Andiamo Race Productions, held the El Taco event with her brother Jose. They started this organization to encourage people to exercise and have fun.

“We wanted to give back to the community by organizing these races, where people can have fun in a healthy way, exercise, make friends and have a good time,” Gomez said.

This was the first year that the Andiamo Race Productions held the El Taco run at VFW Post 76: 10 10th St, and the results speak for themselves.

“It was a success, we had over 400 runners who registered for the race, and that was really exciting for us,” Gomez said.

The runners began the race at the entrance of the VFW post 76, going down the stairs into the River Walk and finished where the entrance was.

The El Taco Run was inspired by both the cultures of Mexico and San Antonio so the Taco Run was a great way to bring them together.

“We know everyone in San Antonio loves tacos and in Mexico it’s very popular too,” Gomez said. “We decided that we needed to have a taco run so someone from San Antonio can bring free tacos for the people.”

With this organization, they not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but they also help other non-profit organizations as well.

“We have been supporting the Cherry Street Bicycle Co-Op for the last couple of years,” Gomez said. “They fix old bicycles and give them to children for free, so they can use them for school or for fun.”

Other SAC students did the race as well but did not train like Patino, they did it just for fun.

“I enjoy doing these races especially when I’m with my friends,” nursing freshman Crystal Pulido said.

“I’ve always loved running but I’m out of shape so this was a good way to get back on track,” nursing sophomore Doris Okeh said.

Okeh said she enjoyed the run a lot and she plans on training for the next event.

“I’m going to start tomorrow with early morning jogs and be on the lookout for more 5Ks.”

For more events contact Marisa Martinez 210 486-0125 or email mmartinez135@alamo.edu


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