Survey results inadequate SDC president says

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Student Activity Fee remains the same.

By Rachel Cooper

The student activity fee survey will close March 10, Richard Wells, Chairman of Student District Council and president of Northeast Lakeview’s Student Government Association said.

Lakeview stopped actively promoting the survey March 3, he said.

“Because we’re such a new SGA, we’re a little bit limited on resources, Wells said.

“We have to promote two activities at once.”

Northeast Lakeview’s SGA is also promoting a town hall meeting.

At the March 7 board of trustees committee meeting, SDC decided there weren’t enough results from the survey to present information to board members.

The results from the survey will not be brought to a board meeting for another year or so, he said.

“The point was to bring it to the committee as a whole yesterday to get it on the board’s agenda for the next Tuesday after spring break,” Wells said.

During the March 21 board meeting, they will decide the budget for the upcoming year.

“Because we only got a small percentage of feedback when compared to the whole student body, I felt we weren’t representing the students,” Wells said.

SDC will have fall 2017 and spring 2018 surveys to compile a full academic year of data.

The survey was extended from Feb. 24 to March 10, because SDC didn’t think there was enough data.

A little more than 1,000 students have participated in the survey this far, which is 2-3 percent of the student body, Wells said.

SDC had a goal of 300 responses per campus and 1,500 responses total.

Wells said there is little difference between those who voted for the $2 per credit hour and a $15 flat rate.

“Students are kind of even on that end,” Wells said.

The majority of the surveys collected on OrgSync are from full-time students and St. Philip’s College students.

According to the Alamo Colleges District performance update presented to the board at the March 7 committee meeting, 19 percent of fall 2016 students were full-time.

There were issues with data in the surveys on OrgSync, such as unanswered questions, Wells said.

SDC will look at how they can improve the survey and figure out different ways to promote the survey and approach students, he said.

The student activity fee will remain $1 per credit hour.


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