Sympathy for former coach

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Regarding “Men’s basketball coach ejected from job” from Feb. 20 and the editorial from Feb. 28:

Nowadays, in the world of sports, it does seem that we as a society have been slowly rising above the standard of accepting subpar success within our programs. As a sports fan, it’s very nice to see that change occurring. Sometimes problems with sports programs can range from the players or standards in the locker room to management.

After reading this article, I am fairly appalled at how this matter has taken course.

To have such progress within a couple of years when many other schools and programs with worse problems can take almost a decade to get going, is a success story within itself.

When Coach Martinez took over the team in 2014, the Rangers were 4-15. Then in two years to rise to 8-8 and 9-7 with an appearance in the playoffs is, in a word, incredible.

Many said Martinez was a great coach who made an impact on the court and in the classroom.

Coaches and players considered him a very close friend; Steve Ochoa, the assistant coach under Martinez who has coached basketball for almost 30 years, acknowledged that the school was losing a very good coach indeed.

Dontae Hargrave

Liberal Arts Sophomore


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