Friends, responsibilities can affect grades

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The article “ Poor grade rates can hurt teachers” published April 10 really takes my attention.

I can personally relate to the article, being that I am a current student at SAC.

The article says that the reason students do not succeed in courses is due to procrastination, lack of funds, study space, time management and poor study habits.

I believe that a lot of these problems are linked with one another, and can affect one physically, mentally and emotionally.

Students come to school to gain an education for their futures. However, school can be very expensive and cause numerous amounts of stress.

When you are in college, it is necessary to have a computer, housing and transportation.

With all of the expenses school requires, students tend to get stressed out and start working.

This is where time management comes into play. Managing school full time and a full-time job takes lots of energy and time.

Students do not want to fail courses intentionally.

When students first come to school and have to multitask many responsibilities, they can get mentally and physically drained. This is when procrastination starts, leading to bad study habits.

From experience, I know that being involved in and communicating with peers in the same major really helps motivate students to learn.

Therefore, when a student is consuming all of their time at work to makes ends meet, it doesn’t leave much time for them to interact with others on campus to motivate them to keep going.

I believe that you are who you hang around with.

If students spend more time with others who are eager to learn, they will be motivated and make that time to study with others and get their work done.

In today’s society, outside influences play a huge role in our lives whether they come from social media, peers, teachers or books.

All students have the ability to succeed. Getting students back on track through motivation will help fix many of the problems happening in class. This will also help resolve teacher ratings and reviews.

Samantha Alvarez

Communications Sophomore


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