Hard work deserves good pay

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Why is the chancellor paid to be on his phone?

The chancellor, vice chancellor and associate vice chancellors are all part of the top 10 highest paid positions at district offices.

These 10 employees only represent 1.8 percent of faculty, staff and administrators but are earning 3.6 percent of the entire staffing budget.

The staffing budget for this college was $33,319,036 for all 550 faculty and staff.

Chancellor Bruce Leslie earns the most at $339,321 and makes up 0.98 percent of the staffing budget.

Leslie gets paid nearly as much as the president of the United States to be on his phone during events, as he showed during a commencement ceremony last year.

The chancellor, vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors are the ultimate leaders of the colleges, but what about the faculty and staff who put in the work every day, pushing for this college to be successful?

Faculty and staff are the ones teaching and helping students to have successful futures.

Although most faculty, staff and administrators received a salary increase between 4 percent and 7.1 percent, 4 percent of a vice chancellor’s salary is disproportionate to 7 percent of a faculty salary.

The vice chancellors received a $5,982 raise from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2016, and a $10,270 raise from fiscal year 2016 to fiscal year 2017.

The district needs to narrow the pay gap betweeen administrators and faculty, and start adequately compensating educators.


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