Students must complete ‘Haven’ to register for 2018

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Alamo Colleges pushed back the deadline for the online training about sexual violence.

By Maria Gardner

The deadline for completing Part 1 of “Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault” online training has been extended until Nov. 1, Title IX Director Jacob-Aidan Martinez said in an interview April 7.

Under Title IX, this college is mandated by law to take proactive measures to prevent sexual violence.

The “Haven” program would help meet that requirement, Martinez said. The online program for students covers stalking, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and is estimated to take 45 minutes to complete, Martinez said.

First-time college students, transfer students, returning students and transient students are required to complete this online program, Martinez said.

A returning student is defined as someone who has left the college for a year and now is going back to school, Martinez said.

A transient student is someone who attends and considers another college or university to be their home school and wants to take classes at this college to transfer for credit in their home institution, Martinez said.

If students don’t complete the module by Nov. 1, a hold will be placed on their registration for spring 2018, Martinez said.

Class registration for spring 2018 is planned to open Nov. 15, Patricia Parma, district director of student success initiatives, said in an interview March 28.

Originally the deadline for completing the program was April 1.

There were going to be too many students who were going to receive holds on their registration for not completing the program, Martinez said.

It takes 24 hours for the hold to be removed after students complete the online training. 

Originally, the pool of students included first-time college students, transfer students and returning students, Martinez said.

Out of those 5,364 students, only 23 percent completed the program, he said.

Students required to complete “Haven” will find the program under the student tab in ACES.

There is an alternative to completing “Haven” for students who find the material difficult to complete, Martinez said.

So far, three students at this college have requested the alternative.

“We don’t want to re-victimize someone, so they can opt out of the program,” Parma said.

Martinez said he’s concerned students may not attempt the program if they know there is an alternative.

“We want to build a culture of respect,” Parma said.

Students can reach Martinez to find out about the alternative to the “Haven” training at 210-486-0926.


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