Adjuncts discuss compensation

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Chair of Adjunct Faculty Council Amanda Martin and composition Adjunct Irene Keller discuss a compensation proposal for adjuncts April 25 in Room 100 of Gonzales. Adjuncts discussed whether they should have a town hall meeting or another survey. Photo by Rachel Cooper

Adjunct Faculty Council went over plans for 2017-2018 school year.

By J. Del Valle

Adjunct Faculty Council held its last meeting for the spring semester April 25 to discuss a service awards proposal, second run of a survey, compensation proposal and a town hall meeting.

They also reviewed a report from Faculty Senate from a meeting March 28.

Council Chair Amanda Martin, composition Adjunct Irene Keller and math Adjunct Gustavo Valadez-Ortiz were present for the meeting.

Math Adjunct Gustavo Valadez-Ortiz talks with the Adjunct Faculty Council April 25 in Room 100 of Gonzales. The council discussed their web presence, service awards, compensation proposal and reviewed bylaws. Photo by Rachel Cooper

Areas that need discussion with adjuncts in the future are conversational issues, class management support, availability and training.

“How many people take advantage of the training?” Martin said.

The council plans on conducting a survey in the fall to get feedback from other adjuncts at this college.

The compensation proposal has been in progress for years and raises more issues.

“I researched Texas adjunct pay online. I can get information from Houston, Dallas, Austin city colleges,” Keller said.

“ACCD is not anywhere to be found, especially as far as for general pay or median pay for adjuncts; I was able to find a 2012 report, but that’s way back,” she said

“We need to make a move on this compensation issue,” Keller said.

“Why can San Antonio be a leader and lead in compensation and not be middle or lower in that area?” she said.

In 2009, the full-time faculty received an increase in pay and the adjuncts were given a minimal raise for two years in a row.

It was a one percent raise, Valadez-Ortiz said.

“Full-time staff was given a 6 percent raise, but we make-up 60 percent of the instructors,” Keller said.

The council voted on bylaws and concluded the meetings with plans for the 2017-2018 school year, including the creation of fliers to place in mailboxes or send via email to invite adjuncts to the meetings.


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