Finals survival guide

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Tips on how to avoid tipping over the edge during finals week.

By Solomon A. Wilson

Finals are approaching quickly, and so is the anxiety.

With the end of the semester at the doorstep, finals are here to test students’ study skills.

Preparing for finals can be a hassle, so here are some tips and tricks to help get to the finish line.

“If you work, finding time to study can be hard, so I always study in in the mornings since I work late at night,” said liberal arts sophomore Brandon Calbert.

Studying in the morning has been shown to work better for those who work late or have a hard time staying up at night, according to

While using all their energy to study, students often forget to eat healthy, and diet is a big part of how much energy they have.

“I find myself eating worse during finals so I can stay up longer,” said business sophomore Alma Gutierrez.

Energy drinks tend to be the go-to route for students when trying to push to the end, but super foods like acai berries or green tea can provide the same amount of energy.

“If I knew other options, I would take them, but I just need energy to stay up,” Gutierrez said.

According to, foods like eggs and peanut butter are the perfect energy booster to push students to the finish line.

Although pulling an all-night study session seems to be the common method of choice, making sure you take breaks is equally important.

Taking small breaks in between studying will help your mind maintain energy, according to

Just like a phone battery, your mind also needs recharging, and taking 15-30 minute breaks will allow that.

“I take naps in between my really long study sessions,” said Destiny Johnson, biology freshman at Northeast Lakeview College. “I get too tired, and I will give up if I don’t.”

Making flash cards is an “oldie but goodie,” and with today’s technology students often forget about a pen and paper.

Making flash cards to review right before the test has been proven helpful for Johnson and others.

“I use flash cards to study right before the test while I am waiting for class to start. It really helps bring back what I had studied the night before,” Johnson said.

Using these tips to help get through finals week may not guarantee an A, but it will guarantee energy, mental stability and motivation to finish this semester strong.


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