Chancellor contract has pay raise, new incentive bonus

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The contract approved by the board lists criteria determining the chancellor’s prorated bonus.

By Zachary-Taylor Wright

Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s contract for fiscal year 2018 includes a $12,094 salary increase and a new clause allowing the chancellor to earn up to a $45,000 bonus.

The board of trustees unanimously voted to renew Leslie’s contract at a special board meeting Aug. 24 at Killen Center, and the contract was signed into action Aug. 28.

The renewal of Leslie’s contract was originally scheduled for the Aug. 15 regular board meeting at Killen Center but consideration of it was postponed.

According to the fiscal year 2018 contract, Leslie’s salary will increase from $403,123 to $415,217 on Jan. 1. Leslie’s FY 2017 contract went into effect Sept.1, 2016.

The incentive bonus established in the FY 2018 contract makes the chancellor “eligible for an incentive bonus not to exceed $45,000.” The board is to determine the bonus amount in July, and the determined amount is to be paid to Leslie Aug. 31.

In an interview with The Ranger Sept. 14, board Chair Yvonne Katz, District 7 trustee, said the incentive bonus mirrors those of private companies and chief executive officers, where the CEO is encouraged to achieve higher levels of success through bonuses.

Katz said the criteria set for the incentive bonus derived from charges to the chancellor, and the board will continue to charge Leslie with new goals next month. 

Katz said the board is only responsible for developing contracts for the chancellor and the internal auditor, but Leslie can develop bonus incentives for other employees.

According to the contract, the board will determine the bonus amount by assessing Leslie’s ability to reach five outlined outcome goals “… at a minimum level of 50 percent as specified.”

Leslie is expected to ensure 80 percent of students are aligned with an Alamo Institute pathway, or declare a major, before completing 30 credit hours.

He is expected to have transfer advising guides aligned with five of a list of seven universities, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, St. Mary’s University, Our Lady of the Lake University, University of the Incarnate Word, Texas State University and the University of Texas Health.

The contract expects Leslie to develop and distribute a “communication plan” for media, independent school districts, the business community and other colleges or universities. The contract states he should attain a 90 percent distribution rate.

To achieve the incentive bonus, Leslie must also implement the Alamo Colleges Online program. The contract contains three sub-criteria for ACOL, including hiring staff, assessing needs for programs and equipment and developing an “implementation/communication plan at the 100 percent level.”

The final criteria item required for Leslie to receive the incentive bonus is the graduation and certification of 13,500 students in 2017-18, which the contract states is the TX60x30 goal.

This is the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s goal to ensure “at least 60 percent of Texans ages 25-34” have a certificate or degree by 2030, according to the website.

In an interview Sept. 13, District 2 trustee Denver McClendon said the incentive bonus was created to make the chancellor’s salary competitive.

According to an article published in The Ranger Sept. 12, 2016, Leslie’s FY 2017 salary was higher than chancellors in districts of comparable size, including Dallas County Community College, Houston Community College District and Tarrant County College.

McClendon said the district aims rank third in compensation of all employees. 

He said the board thinks Leslie is doing a good job and should be compensated.

The chancellor maintains the $1,500 per month automobile allowance from previous contracts and a gas card for business use.

Leslie’s contact also continues the additional $166 per month allowance as reimbursement for the cost of “his cell phone and other computer and technological services.” 

The Ranger submitted an information request for the new contract to Nancy Kempf, district Public Information Act officer, Aug. 28 and received the contract Sept. 13.


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