Two years’ worth of Saturdays might get you a degree

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Amanda Graef

New courses to be added next semester.

By Austin P. Taylor

Hoping to combat the trend of declining enrollment, officials at this college are offering courses on Saturdays that will allow students to earn associate degrees in two years.

This program, Saturday at SAC, consists solely of Saturday classes.

Though enrollment for standard courses wasn’t filled for the associate in criminal science or the computer programmer degree, these classes are available as Flex 2 courses starting Oct. 23.

Flex 2 courses will be open for enrollment until Oct. 9. 

Enrollment for spring will open alongside standard semester registration dates.

 Development for this program began spring 2017 and continued throughout summer.

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to come to school when it would be convenient for them,” said Vernell Walker, dean of professional and technical education, during an interview with The Ranger.

The program is offering three degrees — Associate of Arts with a business or criminal justice field of study and a computer programmer associate of applied science degree.

“We chose these programs because they’re popular, and these programs can do something like this,” Walker said. “Nursing is really one of our larger programs, but it can’t be put on this kind of schedule.”

Walker said because of the difficulty of adding lab time into the Saturday schedule, biology might not work on this system.

Classes began this semester.

Every eight weeks students will take two classes. Every program starts with a learning framework class. 

The Associate of Arts degrees in business and criminal justice pair an English composition or introductory criminal justice class with EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, in the first semester. 

All courses in this program are offered as hybrid classes. Hybrid classes consist of both face-to-face and online sessions. Work will be submitted online for the convenience of working students. 

Students will take courses 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. Saturday.

Students take two summer classes to finish the degree in two years. The summer courses are 10-week courses.

In spring, two additional degrees will be offered: Associate of Arts in liberal arts and the Associate in Teaching Grades 7-12 and Other EC-12. 

Students interested in the Saturday at SAC program can call 210-212-5266. 


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