Representatives of nonprofits will discuss immigration

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Hispanic Heritage Month event offers a forum for questions about resources and rights.

By Shamona Wali

Did you know that San Antonio is home to roughly 300,000 immigrants?

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Center for Civic Engagement, Refugees and Immigrants Center for Education and Legal Services, The Daughters of Charity and Move SA are hosting “What Do You Know About Immigration?”

The event will be noon-1 p.m. in the faculty and staff lounge in Loftin Student Center.

Joseph Liedecke, coordinator of student success, said representatives of local nonprofit organizations will speak about issues such as citizenship, health care, occupations, education and other topics.

“With immigration being such a hot button topic in our nation today, I think it’s important for us to shed light on the topic and educate and inform students about what their rights are as immigrants to those who may not know,” Liedecke said. “There are many resources available in our city for immigrants who may be struggling but many people simply don’t know where to start.”

Speakers will include Sister Pat Connolly of the Daughters of Charity, a nonprofit organization that has established neighborhood programs such as medical services, children’s education services, as well as many other social services; and Drew Gallaway of Move SA.

Move SA is a nonprofit organization that aids in voter engagement, provides leadership programs and lobbies for issues such as LGBTQ equality, environmental factors, labor and union rights and equality within the economy.

At the end of each presentation, students will be able to ask questions concerning immigration issues. Unlike other events this month, Liedecke said he wants this event to not only be informative, but also open and candid so students can acquire information and resources in a nonbiased environment.

The event will have exhibit tables to provide pamphlets on immigration and further information. The office of student life will serve pizza.

For more information, call Liedecke at 210-486-0125.



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