Chalk it up to free speech

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The Ranger offers the tools to voice views.

At a time when the validity and appropriateness of kneeling and social media posts have come under scrutiny, The Ranger stands by the First Amendment right to freedom of speech with Chalk Day 12:30-1:30 p.m. Oct. 2 south of Loftin.

According to a press release from the journalism-photography program’s students taking COMM 2330, Introduction to Public Relations, Chalk Day has been a tradition of The Ranger since 2004, when The Ranger authored an editorial supporting the free-speech rights of students caught “chalking it up.”

With every word posted to a Facebook wall and every ground-borne knee being scrutinized by both sides of the political aisle, the need for protected and open dialogue is stronger than ever.

Chalk Day is just the event to meet that need.

Students and employees alike are invited to scribble, doodle and define their thoughts openly and with conviction because every declaration, regardless of size or intent, warrants a fair chance.

College is a time to explore new ideas and shape the moral and academic catalog of the country’s future workforce and learning to tolerate an opposing point of view is a critical trait to negotiating issues of all caliber.

Chalk Day is one example of the very nature of what the college experience should be, and The Ranger encourages the students at this college to etch-out their insight and experience the insight of others.

The Ranger challenges students and employees at this college to attend Chalk Day to experience and show tolerance of diverse viewpoints and encourages all to mark the mall with their own.


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