Staff group’s rebranding starts with name change

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Staff Senate member Lenell Clay organizes scissors and notebooks at the Staff Senate meeting Sept. 21 in Loftin. Deandra Gonzalez

Staff Senate collected supplies for underprivileged school. 

By Sasha D. Robinson

 Staff Council changed its name to Staff Senate in a meeting Sept. 6 in Nail Technical Center.

Staff Senate Secretary Cynthia Escatel said in an interview Sept. 13, the name was changed because there was a sense that staff and faculty were not treated equally.

“There was always a sense that staff is down here and faculty issues up here,” Escatel said. “I think it is nice, even if it is as simple as a name change to get us moving in the right direction. I am pretty much for it.” 

Staff Senate President Erica Alvarez said in an interview Sept. 18 the name change is an alignment with faculty.

“If you are thinking Faculty Senate, then you will think Staff Senate,” Alvarez said.

Escatel said the proposed name change caused confusion at the meeting, but when Alvareze explained the rebranding and gave more clarifications about changing the name, everyone voted for the change.

“I do not like to change something like that because we have always been council,” Carrie Hernandez, senior student success specialist, said. “I can see where they want to be aligned to equal Faculty Senate because it is always like faculty versus staff. They want to be on the same page, and that is why they have the name change.”

In the meeting, they talked about committees for the Halloween Trunk or Treat and the Angel Tree gift drive before Christmas.

Staff Senate will adopt Beacon Hill Elementary School for the school year. 

The senate passed out school supplies on Sept. 27, and the students will benefit from the Angel Tree. The senate chooses an elementary school in an economically disadvantaged area that feeds to a high school with students who will attend this college. 

Because of budget cuts, staff Senate will have fundraising events, such as selling chicken and beef fajitas Oct. 20 at SACtacular. They also sold hamburgers in the mall Sept. 18. 

“We didn’t do many fundraisers last year,” Alvarez said. “With Angel Tree and Trunk or Treat, that comes out of our budget. When some of the children are not picked from the Angel Tree, we have to make up for those gifts. The fundraiser is for things like that.”


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