Student activity fee not impacted by budget cut

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By J. Del Valle

The student activity fee budget has taken an $18,205 decrease for this year because of expected low-enrollment for 2017-18.

“Projection is a moving target; it’s based off the number of hours students take,” said Richard Farias, interim dean of student success. “The district expects for it to be low.” 

Three coaches’ and two coordinators salaries come out of the student activity fee budget. 

Men’s basketball coach Sam Casey, women’s basketball coach Haley Capestany and boxing coach Hector Ramos are paid from the student activity fee. The coordinators are Mark Bigelow, interim director and coordinator of student success, and Joseph Liedecke, coordinator of student success. Their pay comes from the student activity fee budget as well. 

“I am interim director, but my job title is coordinator so my salary is tied to that,” Bigelow said. 

The areas Liedecke is in charge of as second coordinator for student success are civic engagement, service learning, community service and engagement.

 Alamo Colleges district projected a budget of $273,795 this year for the student activity fee.

Salaries account for $172,905, and the remainder is divided between clubs and committees. 

The student activity fee budget for the 2016-17 was $292,000. 

“As the money has gone down, salaries are not raised, but it’s half of the amount now,” Bigelow said. 

Student life general activities and events are given $20,000.

Recreational sports and intramurals is given $20,390. Fifteen-thousand dollars goes to men’s and women’s basketball and boxing, and the remaining $5,390 goes to intramurals. 

Other budget items include $46,500 for the Student Activity Fee Committee, which is designated funds to award. 

Awards from the Student Activity Fee Committee total $44,000, and club and organization benchmarks receive $2,500.

Cultural committees, such as for Hispanic Heritage, Black History and Women’s History, receive $8,000 and the remaining $6,000 goes to the Student Government Association. 

Bigelow, has been the interim director and coordinator in student life with this college for the past two years. 

When asked if the projected budget has ever run out during his time as director and coordinator of student success, he replied, “We don’t find out till March, and the majority of the money is gone,” Bigelow said. “It could happen, but it has never happened.” 

Lydia Flores, administrative assistant for student success, is in charge of tracking the budget for the department. 

“I take this part of the job very seriously because this is not my money,” Bigelow said.“It’s your money. I try not to overspend.”


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