The bench that broke the bank’s back

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Many students would have loved to work on a meaningful fixture for the campus.


A memorial bench isn’t an inherently bad idea. The sentiment that led to its creation is pure.

Humans mourn their lost ones and the impact those have on the lives around them. 

People like David Mrizek and Trevor Anthony Macias should be remembered for contributing to this college.

The administrators certainly thought so, and they’re good people for acting to create a unifying memorial to help students cope with loss.

The depiction of the moon and swallows is also well done.

But is a $30,000 bench really the best way to get this point across? 

The bench was created by Luiz L. Lopez, a local artist who’s unaffiliated with this college.

It’s important to support local artists, but with every department suffering from 25 percent cuts of their operating budgets, and this college hosting a fine arts department, how can you justify this expense? 

The bench is west of Fletcher Administration Center on a rise, in front of several transformers.

The bench looks nice where it is, but there’s a large barrier for students to cross before they actually use it. 

Students who wish to use the bench will have to put themselves, as well as their feelings, on display.

This project would have meant a lot more to this college had it been made by students. 

That’s not a subjective criticism on the nature of the piece, it’s common sense.

Perhaps, had students made the memorial piece, it might not have been as well made. Of course, it could have been amazing. 

The thing is, we don’t know that and we never will. They weren’t given the chance to try. 

Why weren’t the students of this college given the chance to make a permanent fixture for this college? 

The project might not have taken a year, and it certainly would not have cost $30,000.

Even if the memorial had cost $30,000 under the supervision of this college’s visual arts program, it would have meant more to both the college and the student body. 

Personal involvement can get students invested. 

If administrators want to create an environment of respect, they need to understand that. 

When considering future projects of any nature, explore all of this college’s options.

The visual arts program here is a valuable resource. Make use of them.

It’s the most financially responsible thing to do, not to mention the most respectful option.


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