Rangers lasso the Cardinals in first conference game

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Men's Basketball Game: Oct. 11, 2017

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Psychology freshman Hyshone Fisher knocks the ball away from Marcus Perez, kinesiology senior at UIW, but loses the free ball to Christian Ritter, general business junior at UIW, Oct 11. in Candler. Ritter grabbed it before it went out. The Rangers won 90-87 at the home opener. Brianna Rodrigue

Momentum, teamwork and hard work helped the Rangers win the first home game.

J. Del Valle


The Rangers met the University of the Incarnate Word Oct. 11 in Candler Gym 1 with a strong start in the first half of the game that ended with a 90-87 win.

The Rangers pressed on defense, double-teaming the cardinals at the half court mark.

The Rangers defense resulted in a 10-second backcourt violation for the Cardinals.

Kinesiology freshman Aeneas Simmons drained the first 3- pointer of the night. The Cardinals picked up momentum and started getting shots on fast break point layups.

Two of the shots were made by UIW sports management sophomore Antonio Rascoe.

At the 15-minute mark, business sophomore Cristian Bermea sprained his ankle after coming down from rebounding the ball in the paint and was carried off the court. 

Loose passes did slip through the Rangers and Cardinals during ball possession that caused for easy fast break jump shots on both sides during the first half.

Music and business sophomore Colton Howard threw a no-look pass to architecture sophomore Brandon Stokes at the 3-point line and Stokes made his shot. 

Rascoe from UIW responded with a 3-pointer keeping the score tied 33-33.

The Rangers’ offensive ball movement was flawless. It helped keep the momentum going during the first half of the game.

The Cardinals got aggressive in the paint, trying to avoid the Rangers on an easy direct path to the basket and pushed them to shoot at the 3-point line.

Speed was one of the main highlights of the game that Cardinals had to transition to double teaming on any Ranger player who had the ball.

Business management junior Elijah Cortez rushed into the paint and dropped a tear drop shot, putting 2-points on the board.

Gaining the 1 point lead at the first half of the game. UIW kinesiology senior Marcus Perez swept for a steal, went in for a layup, made the shot and was fouled in the process, resulting in an and-one, score at the end of the first half 43-42. 

At the half, Casey said, “They played very humble and very well together.”

During halftime, the game was delayed for a few minutes because a Ranger player accidentally broke a window while exiting the gym.

When questioned by police, Casey wanted the investigation to take place after the game because he did not want it to interfere with the game,

The police officer said the Rangers would have to forfeit the game if the player did not come forward.

Criminal justice freshman Michael Merchant admitted to slapping the glass.

Once the police talked to the team, they were allowed to resume play to finish off the second half of the game.

The second half of the game grew more aggressive on the floor with scuffling and diving for the ball became part of every play.

The Rangers were able to contain the Cardinals for the first 5 minutes of the second half. Rangers started picking up on team fouls, giving the Cardinals a chance to tie up at the 8-minute mark of the game at 71-71.

The Rangers pulled through with a win against UIW Cardinals 90-87.

“We played great team basketball.” Stokes said. “UIW played great and really hard tonight.”

The Rangers will participate in the South Texas Jamboree tournament 0ct. 14-15 at Alamo City Christian, 6500 N. Interstate Highway 35, San Antonio, Tx 78218. The time has not been determined.

The next home game will be against Victoria College at 8 p.m. Oct. 18 in Candler.


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