Letters to the editor: guns on campus

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 Article: “Alamo Colleges police, SAPD respond to report of handgun, find no threat”



Through this article people can read exactly where guns are permitted and where they are not to be permitted.

I don’t think that just everyone should be able to carry weapons. 

If everyone can carry a weapon, then we would have another Virginia Tech incident.

Any madman with a gun is a madman that I wish to not come close to. 

The sad fact of the matter is this, we live in a sick world.

We live in a world that is slowly fading away. 

In ways, we are only helping to progress the land in which we call home. Human nature is sick in that sense. 

The thought of gun control is something that needs to be watched quite closely.

Just like many things we have today, if you offend one, you offend all.

The actions of a madman can be stopped with a bullet.

A madman’s gun can be his only true friend.

To try and avert bad situations, we must realize that something bad will eventually happen.

How bad will it be? I don’t know; no one truly knows. 

When will it be? When you least expect it. To end killing, we must fix human nature.

Austin Hano

Criminal Justice Sophomore



I also hope to get an update on whether they found the person in question.

The article did mention that the report was not finalized yet. Will this be a reoccurring topic throughout the semester? If so, in what way? 

This topic has the potential to unite the student community and the readers of The Ranger. 

The topic of rights and governments in all its capacities are always a hot topic. 

Troy A. Resendez

History Sophomore 



I first heard of the student with a concealed handgun after I left class.

I found it hard to believe that a person with a gun is in the same building as me.

But when I first read the article, I felt terrified that there was a chance that the man could have a gun not only endangering me but anyone in the building as well.

I am glad that The Ranger could detail what happened and if the man really did carry a weapon.

I also found it interesting that the female student reported that she had seen a student with a handgun, and I believe that she was being paranoid and scared.

But I believe it wasn’t her fault for being scared. 

The police did a good job to check on the suspect and made sure everything was safe.

Zuriel Ontiveros

Art Freshman


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