Letter: Interacting with an officer

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Referring to your recent article “Knowing your rights can save you,” in the Oct. 3 issue of The Ranger, it really catches my attention.

I appreciate the information in this article. I personally would not have known what to do if I were to be stopped by an officer of the law.

The article states to “keep your hands visible at all times when stopped by the police” and to not “let the police officer do whatever they want because they would need probable cause to search your car.”

I feel that when we go through the process of finally acquiring a driver’s license, we’re not told about these procedures or even what to expect if these issues were to occur.

So being a student here this shows me that not only can we gain a higher education here, but we can also gain knowledge to help us through our everyday lives.

We should consider dedicating a center where students can freely access this type of information.

Juan E. Ramos Jr.
Radio, Television & Broadcasting Freshman


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