Letter: Trustee transparency fundamental

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Re: “Dear Future Trustee,” published Oct. 2, transparency and trust are fundamental makings of a successful and committed board or trustee.

The article states the new member will not be elected democratically, which undermines crucial aspects that allow SAC to flourish.

The election and appointment process should be made more democratic to create openness for the students and members of the public, who are the paying constituents.
The future trustee must be willing to listen to constituents because those whose voices matter most are being disregarded.

The board focuses on other things to which only they reap the benefits.
How many board decisions do we, the public, have a say in? Do our voices and opinions matter?
It is our future.
We are the students.
We deserve more from the officials who run this institution.

Gabriella Angelica
Business, Freshman


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