Trustees, represent people who elected you

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The current board does not seem to understand the point of single-member districts. 

 Apparently, the board of trustees doesn’t understand the basic mechanics of a democracy. 

Several board members seem to be under the impression that they represent the whole of Bexar County, despite being elected by the communities of specific districts. 

A board member elected in District 4 does not represent the population of District 8. 

If you are elected by a specific district, your primary concern should be the well-being of that district’s population, and advocate for their needs. 

True, your vote will affect all of Bexar County. But don’t neglect your district out of some misplaced desire to work toward a perceived greater good where only one-ninth of the population trusts you. 

If you’re doing your job right, if the actions you propose for a district pay off in a way that leads to significant improvement, the county will flourish as a result. 

But you need to start small first, advance the interests of the constituents who elected you first. 

Improve your home districts, give back to the communities in a way that leads to positive change; make sure the Alamo Colleges enrich the lives of the people who voted you into office. 

If you work toward county improvement from a holistic viewpoint, you’ll fail the people who need your help the most. That’s why we have districts. 

The needs of District 1 are not the needs of District 2. 

Trustees: If you don’t represent your specific district, if you don’t do your job, the communities that elected you may not give you a second chance. 

If your constituents are dissatisfied with the job you’re doing, you owe them the time of day required to hear their complaints. 

And if you do this, you’ll notice you won’t see anyone from other districts. That’s because you don’t represent communities from other districts. 

If you advocate for your own district, you’ll improve Bexar County as a whole. As a district improves, so too will its neighboring districts. 

To the residents of the nine disricts: 

If your trustee is not acting on your needs or the needs of your community, it is in your best interest to vote them out of office. 


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