Trustees, tell constituents what board is up to

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The law should not be what motivates you to share information.

The board of the Alamo Colleges doesn’t seem to understand what it means to be transparent. 

When an organization is transparent, it usually means they’re willing to openly discuss matters of importance. Trustees have proven they aren’t willing to do this.

Conducting the interviews for District 9 candidates behind closed doors is ridiculous, and so is the justification for doing so.

Trustees said they wanted these interviews in closed session so they could protect the candidates from any liabilities associated with personal statements.

These people are vying for public office. Their constituents have the right to know the personal statements they make to the board.

The interviews for student trustees were open to the public. So why were the interviews for the District 9 trustee behind closed doors?

District 7 trustee Clint Kingsbery said it’s because this session is for “adults.” 

The appointed student trustee is an adult. Don’t disrespect her, the students she represents and the public by pretending these interviews are above them.

The public should not have to fill out a Freedom of Information Act request so they can see who might be chosen to represent them on the district’s governing body.

You are funded by tax dollars. You are beholden to the people who pay those taxes. So serve them so they can take part in this district’s business. 

The idea that constituents shouldn’t be allowed to take part in, or at the very least observe, this process is not practicing transparency.


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