Board selects members for chancellor search committee in private

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Will publically vote on members at board meeting Nov. 5.

By Alison Graef

After one-and-a-half hours in executive session, the board of trustees adjourned 35 seconds after reconvening, at a special board meeting Nov. 28. The board is in the process of selecting members for an advisory committee in the search for a new chancellor. The board will vote to finalize the committee member selections at the board meeting Dec. 5 at Killen Center.

Chancellor Bruce Leslie announced at the Oct. 23 board meeting that he plans to retire Sept. 30.

“We’re still in the process of having a confidential process, and then next Tuesday we’ll vote on it and confirm it,” Katz said of the committee member selection process.

Board Chair Yvonne Katz said the committee will consist of about 20 members, consisting of Alamo Colleges employees, students, business leaders and community members. Katz said about 10 of the seats on the committee are for Alamo Colleges administrators, faculty, staff and students and the committee will include a “good mixture of people from all around the Alamo Colleges.”

Katz could not provide the breakdown of how many people would represent each category.

The advisory selection committee will receive chancellor applications from Gold Hills Associates consultant firm and interview promising applicants. The committee will then recommend five to seven applicants to be interviewed by the board of trustees.

The board will interview the applicants and then vote to make the final selection for the new chancellor. The board may also choose to interview applicants who were not recommended.

“There is a very good balance (on the committee) because that has been my goal for 40 years as an educator,” Katz said. “I know about having a diverse group. That is male-female, ethnicity, all around the city, et cetera.”

Katz said it is important to have business and community leaders on the committee because “the community college system is an economic generator that dumps billions of dollars into the local economy.”

Katz said she doesn’t know how many business leaders are being considered.


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