New students agree to an automatic degree

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Advisers want students to come in for academic direction.

Shamona Wali

Alamo Colleges students who have completed 42 semester hours required core courses and 18 additional are automatically being set up for graduation, Leticia Adams, advising team lead for the Creative and Communication Arts Institute, said Dec. 8.

Once students receive a degree from this college, if they take further courses here, they no longer are eligible to receive financial aid at this college, she said.

Advisers or students fill out a form to “set up graduation” when students have met the requirements for an associate of arts or associate of science degree.

The form goes to admissions and records, and a degree is awarded if the audit shows requirements have been met.

Students agree to this procedure before they first register for classes.

Adams said there is a survey displayed on ACES before new students register for classes. This survey includes one question concerning whether the student agrees to receive an associate of arts or associate of science degree.

Unfortunately, most students and advisers click through the yes or no survey quickly to remove the hold to sign up for classes. After the survey is submitted, the response cannot be changed.

“Unfortunately, our advisers are not able to reverse the survey or even access the survey unless and until the student opens their ACES accounts in front of us,” Adams said. “Prior to signing up for classes at the beginning of the semester, we heavily encourage students to come visit their advisers so we can inform them about the details of their holds.”

Advisers contact students when they accumulate 40, 45 and 50 semester hours to discuss graduation and options for transferring, she said.

“Once students are getting close to completing their required core courses, we reach out to students by calling and emailing them to review their graduation application as well as the final steps necessary,” she said.

Students should note that advisers are available to review degree plans and course course options throughout the semester but are not involved with “the technical aspect.”

Martin Ortega, director of enrollment services, said the survey is a district requirement and cannot be changed.

“In terms of specific questions based on each student’s graduation case, students can always come to the admissions and records office to determine what steps must be taken in order to receive or defer degrees,” Ortega said. “Unfortunately, the surveys that have been put in place on ACES are by the district so we are unable to reverse or access the surveys.”

Adams students can delay receiving a degree by not completing all the core courses until the semester before they plan to transfer.

For more information, contact Adams at 210-486-1875 or


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