Men’s basketball team struggling for a win

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Liberal Art freshmen guard Chancelor Whigham pulls up for a jumper over guard Jalin Holden, Northeast Lakeview College kinesiology sophmore, during a basketball game Nov. 27 in Candler. The Rangers came up short to the Nighthawks 122-65. Randle Hemmitt

The Rangers lose by 57 points at home against the Nighthawks, 122-65

J. Del Valle

The Nov. 27 game against the Nighthawks, in Candler is the halfway mark in the season and the Rangers are still struggling to come together as a team.

The Rangers weak passes caused for easy turnovers that the Nighthawks benefited from tremendously in their 122-65 win.

“We need to evaluate where we’re at as a team,” Sam Casey, men’s head basketball coach, said.

The Rangers struggled with boards in the first half of the game with a score of 25-8 at the 14:05 mark. The major problems on the court was no communication on the floor and struggling with offensive shots and transitioning to defense.

The Nighthawks dominated the floor the entire game with quick fast breaks to the basket and their top-notch defense was full-court and started at inbound play with the Rangers.

Nighthawk psychology freshman Dijon Higgenbottom led the team with 22 points.

The Nighthawks defense would steal the ball before the Rangers could make it to half-court.

At half-time the Rangers trailed by 15 points, 59-44.

The Rangers shooting momentum started to gain with liberal arts freshman Chancelor Whigham. He had 21 points and psychology freshman Hyshone Fisher scored 16 points for the Rangers.

The two-freshman duo are play makers on the court and help teammates get momentum started.

Kinesiology freshman Aeneas Simmons rained three 3-pointers and contributed 14 points for the Ranger. 

According to Casey, what help win games are rebounding, defense and intensity.

“It’s hard to point out the positive. You choose to have a good attitude. You have to choose to want to be here and give it your all,” Casey said.


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