Public relations professional encourages minority students to enter field

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Karen Littleton, former editor and managing editor of The Ranger, presents a photo of W.B. Daugherty to a public relations class during her guest speaker apperance Nov. 8 in Loftin. Daugherty was a journalism professor at this college from 1968 until he died in 1995. Nicole M. Bautista

Former Ranger editor said journalism courses here prepared her for a varied career.

Shamona Wali

The time for minorities to be represented in journalism and public relations is now, a professional with 25 years of experience in communications said Nov. 8.

 Karen Littleton spoke to a public relations class taught by journalism adjunct Teresa Talerico to discuss her career and to highlight the importance of journalism today.

“Journalism and public relations are essential during a time like this because of all the political tension we’re seeing in America lately,” Littleton said. “It’s up to the media to take the facts as they see them and to present it to the public.

“Why do you think that it’s important for both of you to be entering the field of journalism today?” Littleton asked, pointing at two African-American students among the 10 students in the class.

“It’s simply because nobody would hire us,” Gaston Dimitri, journalism sophomore and international student, said. “When people look at young, black people, they don’t expect them to amount to anything. People don’t expect us to graduate from school or to even move on to become professionals in the media. Especially with the movement of Black Lives Matter, it’s important for black people to remain active in the media.”

“Why do you think that it’s important for someone like you to enter the field?” Littleton asked, pointing at a Middle Eastern student.

“It’s because Muslims are stereotyped in the media and they are a hot button topic for politics today. I think that it’s important for us to break the stereotypes and have representation of all people in the media,” Jahidullah Muradi, global affairs sophomore and international student, said.

Littleton’s passion and desire to work in journalism began when she delved into communications courses at this college while majoring in art. She became the managing editor as well as the editor of The Ranger.

“Practically everything I learned from being an editor at The Ranger I was able to carry on throughout my career,” Littleton said. “During my time working with The Ranger, I was able to get a position as a reporter for the San Antonio Light, and the rest was history. Everyone in San Antonio knew SAC was the best college for future journalists and public relations professionals.”

Littleton’s position as the news editor at the San Antonio Light kick-started her career. Littleton became the deputy chief of affairs for the department of veterans affairs and became the executive producer for San Antonio Medicine magazine and then became the vice president of public relations for iKiosk Solutions.

“I’ve noticed that everyone in this room is a minority. Use your diversity to your advantage and continue trying to diversify yourself in everything that you do. Becoming a journalist or PR professional is all about branching out and connecting with people from all walks of life,” Littleton said.


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