Students required to complete ‘Haven’ training on sexual harassment

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Title XI office offers an app with strategies for behavior intervention.

Victoria L. Zamora

Students will be required to take “Haven,” an online training program to raise awareness about sexual harassment and domestic violence.

The deadline to complete the training for this semester is April 1.

“If not completed, you will have a hold on your student account, Jacob-Aiden Martinez, director of student conduct and Title IX, said Jan. 25 in an interview. “We give the students more than enough time to complete it — about four to five months from the time you start the semester.”

Students can access the training through ACES under the student tab. Click on “Alamo Cares” to enter the training.

The hold will prevent students from signing up for future semesters.

The training is broken up into two parts, and it takes about an hour to complete.

The first part is categorized into seven sections consisting of an introduction survey to the course and questionnaires that relate to identifying sexual harassment.

“You see a lot of students who get into trouble when it comes to something happening and there’s a question on whether or not it was consensual,” Martinez said.

The college requires training on sexual harassment for faculty and staff every two years, Martinez said.

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the gender of employees and students of educational institutions receiving federal financial assistance.

Title IX’s prohibition of discrimination includes acts of sexual harassment and relationship violence.

Martinez’s office offers a free download of an app called “Reach Out.”

The app informs users of strategies of behavioral intervention, a program designed to identify and respond to instances of unsafe and disruptive behavior.

“A lot of students don’t check their student email, and that’s the main way I try to communicate with them,” he said. “We have posters we put out. We do a lot of tabling and pass out flyers, but there is a lot of parking lot students who just come to campus to take care of their business and leave.”

Martinez had been a coordinator of student success in the office of student life before moving to his current role as director of student conduct in 2015.

“I was the first director of student conduct in the district. It was something that was new at the time. SAC at first only had conduct officers,” he said.

The director of student conduct goes through training to keep up with investigator certification.

For more information about the Haven training, visit website at

Martinez’s office is in Room 101 of the nursing and allied health complex. His phone number is 210-486-1208


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