New album released by academic chair’s band, Dream Catcher

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“High & Outside,” the third album by the band Dream Catcher is a culmination of Meso-American jazz and psychedelic rock. Courtesy

High & Outside combines native American influence with modern composition

By Kenneth L. Williams

Dream Catcher, the band to which the chair of English, humanities, education and journalism-photography belongs, recently released its second album, High & Outside.

The chair, Gilliam “Mike” Burton, said the album was released Dec. 15 is the second album produced by Dream Catcher.

The power trio consists of Burton on guitars and keyboard; Gabe Hernandez, a former percussion student at Alamo Colleges, on drums; and Daymond Speed, Hernandez’s former band mate, on bass.

Burton and Hernandez first began playing in clubs together in the 1980s, Burton said in a Feb. 14 interview.

Their guitarist moving to New Mexico caused them to seek new collaborators, leading to them working with Speed.

All three have writing credits and provided vocals for some tracks on the 12-song album.

Burton also provided mixing and production for the album recorded in Hernandez’s home studio.

 “Gabe called the studio Dream Catcher Project Studio so we adopted the Dream Catcher name for our band as well,” he said. “I think the name is fitting since some of our songs are inspired by dreams.”

He also explained the album’s cryptic cover art of a wood-carving showing Meso-American natives playing baseball.

“… as we thought about the song on this CD, we realized that we also are modern Americans and the baseball catcher image works also,” he said. “So for the CD cover art, we blended the notion of the Mayan/Aztec ball player with the baseball catcher.”

Burton said music business Coordinators Donnie Meals and Adjunct Steven Trujillo contributed to the album, helping promote the band.

“Meals and his Editpoint studio have been a valuable resource as has Professor Julie Good and her class on band marketing and promotion,” he said, referring to MUSB 2301, Music Marketing.

Dream Catcher has already begun work on a third album, which Burton said will be “even better than this one.”

“Meso-American jazzy psychedelic rock fusion,” is the way Burton describes his music.

Burton explained the genre fluidity of their music is also something they’re proud of.

“We are influenced by many genres of music and like to blend them into our songs,” he said. “We often ask people who listen to our music what genre they would call it.”

Dream Catcher does not have plans for live shows but has performed in the past at local clubs and events.

To listen to the album online, click the links below for both Spotify and YouTube channels:


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