Plan offers up to two tuition-free classes

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Maymester classes are not covered under Summer Momentum.

By Maya R Williams

The district’s Summer Momentum plan allows students to get free tuition for up to six credit hours.

Summer Momentum does not cover classes taken during Maymester, a three-week session between spring and summer.

Students become eligible for three free credit hours by completing 18 semester hours with a grade of C or higher in fall and spring semesters combined.

Students who have completed 24 hours in fall and spring semesters are eligible for six free credit hours.

Credit hours also are known as semester hours.

Summer Momentum covers tuition only. Students still will be charged fees.

Adviser Phillip Casarez gave advice for students who may take summer classes.

“In order to qualify, students don’t have to do anything,” he said. “It’s an automatic thing that our admissions office takes care of.”

When choosing summer courses, students need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, Casarez said.

“Depending on the student’s major and their plans, there might be some courses that are going to be a little bit more important to take,” he said. “For example, if I’m an engineering major and I know I need to do a lot more math-related classes, I’d probably want to take a math class in the summer.”

For students who may not be strong in subjects, such as math and science, however, it may not be wise for them to take those courses in the summer, he said.

“For the most part, a lot of students end up taking a lot of their core classes to knock them out in the summer,” Casarez said.

Students who plan to take summer classes should meet with their adviser to determine which classes would suit them best.

Students will receive an email after spring semester grades are posted May 12-19 informing them of the credit on their account, J. Martin Ortega, director of enrollment, wrote in an email April 13 after an interview April 12.

Students will be reimbursed if they pay for summer courses before they qualify for Summer Momentum, Ortega said.

Registration for Maymester courses ends April 30, and classes are May 20–June 6. The payment deadline is May 13.

Registration for Summer 1 and eight-week classes is May 21, and the payment deadline is May 27. Summer 2 registration ends June 25.

The first summer session is June 10-July 11, the eight-week session is June 10-Aug. 1 and the second summer session is July 15-Aug 15.

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