Candidate wants to work with high schools to improve dual credit

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Barbara Knotts, director of creative multimedia, answers a question from administrative assistant specialist Hilda SanMiguel regarding her management style during an open forum July 17 in the visual arts center. “I don’t micro manage my team,” Knotts said. “I am more of a flat manager, I guess you can say. I listen to my staff. My door is always open.” She also said she likes to be creative with her staff by brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to problems. Knotts is one of four candidates running for dean of academic success. Dr. Sobia Khan, Dr. Mary Dixson and Dr. Abel Gonzales are the other candidates.  A video of every forum will be uploaded. To view candidate’s resumes, bios and open forum videos, visit Brianna Rodrigue

Dean of academic success candidate has worked at this college for 30 years.

By Austin P. Taylor

During the third open forum for the dean of academic success candidates July 17 in Room 120 of the visual arts center, administrative assistant Rose Gonzales asked Dr. Barbara Knotts, dean of academic success candidate, to discuss her experience with this college’s dual credit programs.

When this college was establishing its online and dual credit courses, Knotts was involved in making sure the curriculum was meeting necessary standards.

Looking at where the dual credit program is now, Knotts talked about some issues she wants to work on.

“There’s definitely a problem with getting the enrollment increase,” Knotts said.  “We’re going to have to make some major changes, and it’s going to have to come not only from us but from the high school area.”

Knotts said high schools are not properly preparing students for the challenges of college.

“It’s up to us to work with them and make them more accountable to make sure the students are doing what they need to do to be better students when they get to us,” Knotts said.

Barbara Knotts, director of creative multimedia, is one of four candidates running for the dean of academic success at this college. Brianna Rodrigue

Political science Professor Wanda-Lee Smith asked Knotts why she believes the dean of academic success position is the next step in her career.

“When this position came to the table to be available and I looked at the different departments that would be part of it … I’ve worked in all of those capacities,” Knotts said. “How could I not say ‘please let me be a part of this?’ to unify all of these departments together.”

Knotts said making sure the departments are working well together will allow this college to do more for its students.

“I really think our students can get so much more from these entities working together,” Knotts said. “Now these departments will realize what they can do together.”

Administrative assistant specialist Hilda San Miguel asked Knotts how she manages her time between the departments she works in.  Knotts is the director of this colleges creative multimedia department and Title 3 resources.

“That goes down to having wonderful team workers,” Knotts said. “I have people who just know how to do their job ,and they know when they need me, they can come to me and ask me for help.”

Knotts has worked at this college for 34 years. She attended this college as a first-generation student and interned at the library.

Over the course of her career, Knotts managed and wrote grant proposals for this this college.

Vernell Walker, dean of professional and technical education, led the search committee for the dean of academic success position. She can be reached at 210-486-0920 or

The dean of academic success will report to Dr. Jothany Blackwood, vice president for academic success at this college. She can be reached at 210-486-0950 or

This college’s executive team will announce the chosen candidate next week.


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