Volleyball Bash gives students a break amid college life

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Kinesiology freshman Gerson Mena reaches for the ball and hits it over the net Sept. 5 in the mall during the third annual volleyball bash hosted by the Campus Activities Board. Brianna Rodrigue

By Sergio Medina


As 10 students played volleyball in the mall south of Loftin Student Center, forensic science sophomore Ashley Bidal approached the grassy area where the Campus Activities Board was throwing its third annual Volleyball Bash Sept. 5.

Like Bidal, several other students curiously approached the booth near the net area to see what was going on.

Soon after a spot on a team opened, Bidal joined in.

“I think it’s awesome,” Bidal said. “Students will have a little free time to play games to get their minds off their homework for a little while; they can just relax and have fun.”

Liberal arts sophomore Nicholas Delaunay is the president of the board and helps organize student events.

The student activity fee funds events such as the bash, he said.

Last spring, the student activity fee was raised to $3 per semester hour enrolled in from $1 per semester hour. Previously, a student carrying 12 hours would have paid $12. Now the fee is $36 for a 12-hour course load.

For Delaunay, it’s important to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere on campus.

“I just like to help out the community — the SAC community — and help it grow and make people inclusive,” Delaunay said. “I feel more people are involved on campus.

“When you have a good campus environment, you have a better school feeling when you’re here,” he said.

Ashley Hernandez, early childhood education freshman, said these events are relaxing for students who may have constant study or work.

Hernandez said she wants to participate in more school events to add variety to her college experience.

Joseph Rogers, radio and television broadcasting freshman and member of the board, said these types of events encourage friendships.

Delaunay said the matches are free-for-all — anyone can join, be it faculty or students.

“We’ll get into teams of five and any student can just jump in. Any student can leave,” he said.

Although volleyball is the main activity of the bash, which this year was 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Delaunay said the board offers other activities.

This year, the board included “Hunger Games,” based on the book and film series. However, in this version, players use toy swords and toy guns to eliminate competitors, with the last player “standing” winning the game.

“It’s all fun,” Delaunay said. “It also promotes being active on campus.”

The board also fed participants hot dogs and drinks.

For more information about the board’s future activities, call Carrie Hernandez at 210-486-0125 or visit Room 260A at Loftin Student Center.


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