Advisers want to see students often

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Students who do not have an adviser can be assigned one in the advising center.

By Mardio Lattimore

Students are assigned an adviser based on their selected major after attending a new student orientation before the semester begins.

Three advisers in the Victory Center gave advice on ways students can make the most of appointments with their advisers.

Certified adviser Angel Montejano said advisers work better with students who frequently visit them because it helps advisers develop a better understanding of a student’s degree plan and it builds rapport.

Any student who did not attend a new student orientation can be assigned an adviser by visiting the advising center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center or by visiting the Veterans Affairs office on the first floor of the Victory Center.

Certified adviser Shay Preyer said choosing a major early in college is crucial because advisers can then ensure that students don’t take classes that do not apply to their major, exhaust their financial aid or delay graduation.

Certified adviser Erico J. Barrera stressed the importance of taking classes that will lead to a degree.

“It is important to take classes that gear toward your major,” he said.

For help deciding on a major, students are advised to visit the college website and search the words “career coach,” where they will find a link that allows them to take a survey that applies their fundamental skills to a major.

Advisers usually do not recommend students take classes that are not in the core curriculum or their major, Preyor said.

Some advisers suggest taking one elective students find interesting to keep them interested in college, Montejano said.

Barrera said advisers suggest students meet with teachers to learn what to expect of a class before enrolling.

An adviser can give students a class referral that allows students to meet with a professor before the semester starts to ask questions about the class.

Advisers notify professors so they can schedule a time to meet with students.

For more information, visit the advising center on the first floor of Moody or the Victory Center.


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