Encourage voting across the city, provide information

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Move Texas is getting students registered to vote by directly talking to them, but shouldn’t they be promoting voter registration through social media as well. 

Millennials need to know the importance of voting and how it affects their future.

The move to voter registration needs to be heard off campus. 

Many of us are registered voters but we still don’t know who is running for these government positions. 

Move Texas is making progress on voter registration but there are many more students who are not registered.

Millennials may be registered but they still don’t go to the polls. These students don’t know whom they are voting for.

This organization should not only get students registered but also provide information on who is running for these government positions. 

The fact is that not enough people are voting and some elected officials we have voted for are not right for our future.

We need to know what really matters to voters and press those issues. 

Tres Brown

Business Administration Sophomore


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