Provide meaningful active shooter training

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Until meaningful policy changes are enacted, this college needs to provide training.

In America, 65 school shootings have been reported throughout 2018.

This is a persistent problem in this country, and elected officials seem to determined to avoid answering this basic question:

What can we do to protect our constituents and their children?

In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Feb. 14 in Parkland, Fla., the surviving students led efforts to pressure lawmakers to reform America’s gun laws.

They wanted bans on assault weapons and enhanced background checks. When they returned to school after spring break, the school gave them clear backpacks.

Currently, what you can do to make sure you’re prepared for an active shooter situation is attend either a face-to-face or online training courses.

These courses vary in both instructional material and depth, so try to attend multiple courses. Understand what the courses have in common and use their difference to form questions for the instructors.

A list of steps you can take to make sure you are ready for an active shooter situation can be found at

Active shooter presentations have been provided at this college, but there are no scheduled training sessions this semester.

Training sessions at this college have to be scheduled by faculty or staff.

These courses are highly informative to students, the largest demographic of the Alamo Colleges, and should be made readily available.

Shootings don’t just happen in school and you need to know how to react in any situation.

An active shooter presentation should be made available through ACES. Much like the Title IX training, students should be required to go through this training.

Until these acts of violence stop occuring at schools, steps need to be taken to educate those who are most vulnerable to these attacks.


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